Information Services

The Belgrade Stock Exchange offers a number of information services which enable the monitoring of trading in real time or after a trading session.

The real time monitoring of trading allows the users to follow the current changes on the market, and also, depending on the selected service, the current offer and demand, best ask and bid prices, last transactions for a particular security, etc.

The following services enable monitoring of trading in real time:
- BELEXinfo – distribution of data via internet or WAP service
- Data Feed – distribution of data via Data Vendors
- Ticker – data on the last price and price change on the ticker band

The data distributed after the end of a trading session are available in the following formats:
- Daily and other periodical Exchange reports
- RSS service – for downloading data from selected pages

Apart from trading data, an information product which provides access to prospectuses of all issuers in .xml format is also available to users: distribution of Company's Profiles.

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